Haus Consulting is a supplier of IT consultation and programming improvement administrations. Having begun as a boutique AI item organization, we transformed to IT benefits and ever since we supported and partnered with non-IT associations and programming item organizations improve business execution and rapidly increasing our market share.

We have developed mastery in CRM, ERP, Ecommerce, Data Analytics, Information Security, DMS, and different territories and vanquished such imaginative fields as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Our team consist of experienced IT professionals of which, majority are at the senior-level, who are well-versed in the following technology domains:

Back end

Front end


Databases / data storages



Cloud databases (DBaaS)

Big data


We proceed to develop and also have an accomplice organization of five organizations with an aggregate of experienced workers, which, joined with our solid mechanical ability, empowers us to cover all turn of events and framework needs of fair sized and huge associations.

Since our commencement, we have built up various associations with innovation pioneers, who profoundly validated our specialized skills and the capacity to comprehend our clients' requirements and make an interpretation of them into quality administrations:


Depending on a project and the nature of the delivered service, we resort to one of the following pricing models:

Fixed price

Time & Material

Consumption-based pricing

Monthly subscription fee

To increase productivity and provide for the project cost reduction for our customers, we invest a part of our revenue in:


Quality management and process optimization


Adoption of new technologies


Employee training and further education

In addition, to implement software solutions faster and optimize the solutions’ Total Cost of Ownership, we resort to using the following technologies and methodologies:

Cloud-native architecture

Test automation

DevOps and the implementation of CI/CD pipelines

Application Performance Management

Our customers

We partner with organizations across Singapore with more than 75% of our revenue generated from ongoing projects and contracts.

During our training, we obtained mastery and a profound comprehension of plans of action and cycles across more ventures, including:


Retail and Wholesale


Professional Services


Oil and Gas



What makes Haus Consulting the preferred service provider

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Predictable performance and quality

We follow a corporate quality administration framework set up. As per it, we set up hazard the executives rehearses on corporate, record, and undertaking levels, and host the Project Management Office, which administers every single corporate cycle.

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Reliable service delivery

We ensure that no occurrence impacts our capacity to work. For that, we set up a demonstrated data security procedure and the board framework and set up day in and day out in-house security observing. Our foundation is cloud-based, and we are prepared for distant work.

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Fast development while retaining application stability

We set up a bunch of the executives and innovation rehearses that permits us to deliver new application forms each 2-3-weeks and carry out minor updates up to a few times each day. We accomplish that because of an iterative way to deal with advancement, falling back on Agile venture the executives rehearses, and depending on cloud-local designs and present day ways to deal with framework the board.